Preschool Curriculum

Elementary School Curriculum


The Montessori gives great importance to the pupils’ formative years. It focuses on the total development of the children, social and academic. Dr. Montessori refers to the students as “young explorers” who will refine and educate their senses of visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory and stereognostic in a specially created environment filled with unique apparatuses designed to enhance these specific learning experiences.

At the young age of three, children will be introduced to math and language with textured sandpaper numerals and letters. They will recognize sounds of the alphabet in a phonetic way and will begin to compose and read short words. Children will learn about continents, parts of various animals, and many other interesting scientific subjects. They will also learn about American Indians, geography, and history. They will do arts and craft that celebrate the world around us, culturally and in nature.

The lessons an presentations are part of what Dr. Montessori called “the prepared environment”, a tangible, concrete, manipulative and scientifically designed place which will create a joyful experience for your child!