Social Studies – Elementary School

The history of the United States and geography are at the core of the Social Studies program.

The history of the United States is studied from Native Americans to the current President. Topics include the “Birth of Our Nation,” the settlement of the original thirteen colonies, the Boston Tea Party, the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and other amendments to the Constitution, the Civil War, and the struggle for Civil Rights.

In addition, the curriculum includes an introduction to other countries, cultures and focuses on the history of California, including the Spanish missions, the Gold Rush, and famous landmarks.

Geography is extensively covered in concrete and abstract. Beautifully colored wooden maps of every continent are used to explore our world. The program includes the study of rivers, mountains, lakes, capes, peninsulas, gulfs and deserts. The children will also learn the capital, agriculture, population, flower and bird of each state.

The program also covers the holidays, special events and occasions, birthdays of famous people, including composers, artists, painters, sculptors, and their lives, achievements and works.

Finally, current events are reviewed on a weekly basis.