New Children
Try to familiarize your child with the school and meet the teacher with a visit prior to his first day of attendance.

School in which children remain through the lunch hour must see that each child is provided with a meal which includes approximately one-third of the child’s daily food needs, according to the standards of the National Research Council. This meal must include an adequate portion of protein which can be found in meat, fish, eggs, peanut butter and cheese. (California Administrative Code, Section 34263). If a child comes to school with an inadequate lunch or without lunch, the parents will be required to bring lunch or to pick up the child from school. Older children sometimes seem to need more than they bring; if possible, invite your child to help you in planning and preparing it.

Our school provides a daily hot lunch at an additional charge.

Teachers are quite willing to give time for a special conference if it is planned in advance. Please call the school office or send a written message to the teacher.

Parent Conference Days: Your child will bring home a suggested appointment time for your Parent-Teacher Conference at the end of the first semester. Do your best to keep the appointment, it is very difficult to rearrange the schedule.

If your child’s birthday is to be celebrated at the school you may send cupcakes or cookies only. Some children are allergic to chocolate, therefore it is wise to send a selection that will include some non-chocolate items. The birthday celebration must be cleared with your child’s teacher a few days in advance.

Arrival Time
It is most important that your child arrives to school on time each day. Classes begin at promptly at 9:00 AM, please make sure that your child arrives between 8:45 AM and 9:00 AM unless your child is enrolled in extended day care.

Please be aware that there are two lanes in the driveway in front of the school. You will need to use the left lane only to park for just a few minutes, just enough to exit or enter the car. You may park in the street in front of the school, if the parking spaces are all full. The right lane should be used for drive-through traffic only.

Health and Welfare
Whenever a child has been absent for more than three (3) days, he should bring a written excuse. If your child contracts a contagious disease, please notify the school immediately. A permit to return to school should be obtained from the child’s doctor.

When a child attends school and has a need for medication, the parents are required to fill out a medicine form on each day that the child should take medication. all medication should be properly labeled and should be left with the teacher or teacher assistant. Please do not leave any medication in your child’s lunch box.

School Emergency Information
The school emergency information form must be completed by each parent or guardian. The form provides the school with important information. If there is a change in your form regarding persons allowed to pick up your child from school in case of emergency, please update the form immediately. Your child will be allowed to leave the school premises only with those people listed on the form. If you must have someone other than yourself, or those listed on the form pick up your child, you must give written permission to the teacher in advance.

Pets and Toys
Experience has shown that toys are better left at home. Encourage your child to bring cut flowers, a potted plant, or a favorite book. With advance approval from the teacher, a “pet for a day,” in a suitable container will be accepted. Please mark all clothing, and your child’s lunch box.