What Our Parents Say

Here is what our parents have to say about Montessori Harbor-Mesa School.



Dear Mrs. Kim,

Thank you for your time and input regarding Eliana’s progress at school. I know she really enjoys having you as a teacher. We can also see her grow into an independent little girl a swell! She’s learning life skills along with academic skills. We are very happy with Montessori. Since our meeting we have changed Eliana to half days and our mornings have had much less struggle and tears. She seems much happier at and about school! We can not thank you enough, we are very grateful.


Laurence and Sunna Fulgini


Dear Mrs. Kim,

Thank you for taking the time to go over Kyle Huynh’s academic progress. I am glad to hear that he is doing well and has improved since the school year starts in September, 2012. With your guidance, I notice that Kyle has:

1. drastically improved his reading skills

2. improved his math skills, especially addition and subtraction

3. enjoyed going and being at school

4. shown interest in science, geography and music

5. been more polite to others

I am very happy on everything that you have done in your class and how you treat not just Kyle, but all of your students. Your enthusiasm, your patience, your teaching experience, and your smile show great values to your students, are much appreciated. Kyle has and will be learning a lot from you so he will definitely be staying in your class this year and the next year if you teach 2nd grade.


Tina Huynh 


We love this school and it has done wonders for our son. Thank you so much to Ms. Cassandra for all her help and everyone else involved. We are very pleased with everything. Thank you. – Traci Wallace and Jeremy Havens


We are very happy with this school and the teacher. Jet has continued to excel in all the subjects. Thank you to the Harbor Mesa Montessori staff! – Amber Huebel _____________________________________________________

Our son came to this school from a very different type of school in Australia. Mrs. De Frenza and all the staff at Montessori Harbor Mesa School were full of understanding and caring encouragement for Miro here. We couldn’t have been happier with his education and the extra activities offered. After a few months here, Miro has gone from learning his capital letters to reading chapter books on his own. We will always remember and be grateful for MHM. Thank you! –S. Chee and J. Salom ______________________________________________________

Christian Anderson my son love this school!! He loves his classmates!! He loves Mrs. Rebecca. We are so happy to be a member of this wonderful school. Thank you so much for everything. Your hard work and your love will always in our heart!! Arigato!


We are happy with the positive energy of the school. The Montessori method seems to be working well for Isla. The children here all seem happy to be learning. The individual attention that Isla gets is very much appreciated. We look forward to seeing how well she can do. – Tina and Jason Little _______________________________________________________

Seven years ago, we attended Isabelle’s Open House, saw the teapot and cup, spoon and marbles, learning the way of Montessori and how subtle concepts like eye and hand coordination, top to bottom, left to right are instilled in the mind of the child. We’ve been hooked ever since and only wish the school offered seventh and eights grades. Thanks to Mrs. De Frenza, Mrs. Rebecca and all the other fine istructors who have given our daughter a strong foundation for the future. – Paul and Kathryn Grybow ________________________________________________________

We are very very proud of Kingston and his excitement towards school and learning. I am very impressed with how good his reading and writing skills becoming as well as his knowledge with math and numbers. Thank you Mrs. Kim for all your hard work, encouragement and dedication with our kids.   Thank you! – Jasmyn and Jash ________________________________________________________

We are very happy that our daughter is at preschool at the Montessori Harbor Mesa School. We think that we made the right decision for her to be at this school. She loves her teacher Mrs. Eva. The teacher really knows each child and take care for everyone. When Vladimira started this preschool group she didn’t know any English, but now we are proud that she is speaking basic English to thanks of her teachers. At the morning she goes to school with fun at the evening she doesn’t want to leave from there. This is mean for us that she is very happy there, she enjoy the school, she has friends, she is learning a lot. She is more confident, independent and responsible. Thank you! – Lidiya and George Kotzakov ________________________________________________________

Thank you Harbor Mesa so much for making Miss Eva a part of the team! She works so well with Jackson and every day Jack loves to come to school to learn and make friends. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! – The Tipre’s


We are very happy about Tristan’s adjustment to going to school. We have seen a big improvement in his behavior. He loves to using the songs he learns in school. He just adores his teacher. Thank you for providing such a loving and fun environment for Tristan! – Todd Winter


Amelia loves coming to school and doesn’t want to leave when I pick her up. I am happy that she is learning what she is being taught here at school. Thank you! – Jean Zuniga _______________________________________________________

We are very pleased with the education Bryce is taking part here at Harbor Mesa. We have noticed an improvement in his social skills, counting, and overall understanding of concepts. Chevan and I look forward to the progress in Bryce’s learning. Thanks! – Brent and Chevan Miller


We love this school and the teacher Miss Eva. We are also happy that we have a chance for our daughter to be here. We are very pleased with everything. Thank you! – Lidiya and George K.


Madison has really enjoyed the time she has spent in the school. We love the Montessori teaching method. – Jodi Olthuis _______________________________________________________

We are very happy with Silas’ improvement in multiple areas since starting in Mrs. Sue’s class in August. Mrs. Sue is very kind and patient with our son and us (parents), and someone keeps Silas interested and excited to come to school every day. We are extremely happy with Mrs. Sue’s performance as a teacher for our son. – Dan and Judy Jensen _______________________________________________________

I’m extremely pleased with the development of Victoria at this school. She loves coming to school every day and enjoys her teachers and friends. It’s a wonderful school with excellent teachers!  – Sara Perry

Olivia loves this school and I could not imagine her anywhere else! Thank you for being such a great influence. Heather

Our daughter Tayler attended the Montessori Harbor-Mesa school from preschool through 6 grade. What a wonderful experience we all had! This school has helped our daughter to be independent, responsible, and accountable for her actions.
At a very age, the school’s curriculum instilled self-motivation, independent learning and self-discipline. All of the teachers are very well qualified, certified, experienced, skilled, dedicated and nurturing to every child.
The teachers encourage every child to always do their best. we were amazed on how far our child had come in such a short few years. We ere also amazed at how advanced our child was in comparison to other children we were around. The teachers and curriculum well prepared the kids for the future.
The teachers were constantly engaged with the parents in planning the level of work being taught. Based upon our shared desires, our daughter was consistently being encouraged and challenged to excel beyond her grade level. Subsequently, she was well prepared for challenges that followed her 6th grade graduation.
With class size being small, there as a lot of one-on-one focused time. Today she is a freshman in high school and the things that she learned at Montessori Harbor-Mesa have created a great foundation for her as we can truly see them carried though to today.
We still apply many of the concepts in the Montessori theory today as we maintain consistency in everything we do while providing her problem solving and leadership opportunities.
In retrospect, Montessori Harbor-Mesa school was a great place for our daughter and our family. – Liz and Bob Y.

We like the learning environment that Montessori Harbor Mesa School provides for the kids. They get one on one instructions. The number of students per teacher is small, the kids get to know each other better, and the teacher gets to know each student better. Thank you Mrs. De Frenza and Mrs. Rebecca. Mrs. Castaneda

Seven years ago, we attended Isabelle’s Open House, saw the teapot and cup, spoon and marbles, learning the way of Montessori and how subtle concepts like eye and hand coordination, top to bottom, left to right are instilled in the mind of the child. We’ve been hooked ever since and only wish the school offered seventh and eights grades. Thanks to Mrs. De Frenza, Mrs. Rebecca and all the other fine instructors who have given our daughter a strong foundation for her future. Paul and Kathryn Grybow

Almost nine years ago we enrolled our daughter in the preschool based on our neighbor’s recommendation. To be honest at that time we were not completely sold on the Montessori teaching method , however, over the years we’ve become sold on both Montessori and this school. We’ve been amazed not only at our child’s progress but also on how much she enjoys school. The teachers have been great at not only teaching but also making it enjoyable for the children so they do not lose their love of learning. The system which allows the students to learn at their own pace also means they do not fall behind the class if they get sick for a couple of days. The classes are small enough so that the teachers can understand exactly at what level the students are capable of and then they push so they do not get bored or slow down to make sure they completely understand a subject before they move on. This year our daughter will be graduating the sixth grade but we still have her two younger siblings in the school and intend to stay.Anthony and Laarnie Smith 

We think that Montessori Harbor-Mesa School has a great academic environment for kids. Both my kids are doing well here. They’re both stimulated with the academic challenges and enjoy the various different subjects offered here such as arts and crafts, field trips, preparing for the musical programs. We’re especially grateful to the teachers for their teaching techniques and compassion toward the kids. The small sized classroom gives the teachers more time to focus on each kid’s needs and ability to help them grow at their own level. We also noticed that our kids knowledge in certain subjects like math and spelling seemed to be more advanced than their current grade level, thanks to the dedication of their teachers always pushing them to their best potential.-Jonathan and Christine Pham

Small class sizes. Individual attention. The ability for your child to progress at the pace that is right for him or her. A stimulating environment that fosters a love for learning. What more can parents ask for? Our children enjoy school and are thriving both academically and socially. We are very happy we made the decision to first enroll our children at the preschool and then move them to the elementary school. -John and Julia Riss

Our daughter has attended Montessori Harbor-Mesa School for 3 years, beginning at the Pre-school. In that time we’ve had the joy of watching our daughter grow mentally, intellectually, and spiritually. This is in no doubt, a large part to the personalized interaction of the school. Though she has had several teachers as she progressed, our daughter has always felt a positive connection to her teachers-as they have created a nurturing and learning environment. In addition to the core studies, the offered extracurricular activities ranging from music, to computers to gymnastics have all helped to add fun and perspective. We are greatly appreciative and proud that our daughter has attended Montessori Harbor-Mesa School! -Lorenz Marquez and Cynthia Ventresca

This school has instilled in our daughter a solid foundation of academic learning and good manners. We especially appreciate the method of teaching which allows each child to progress at their own comfortable pace regardless of what grade/classroom they are in. This provides the student with a definite head start should he or she be transferred to a public or other school. Although there are some costs with private schools, I would recommend and have recommended Montessori Harbor-Mesa School to any parent looking to provide their child with quality education. –Roderick Velarde